A quick update

I’d just realised that I haven’t posted a proper project update in a while! Here’s how things are going:

The development is all coming along well. Like I have said previously, I’m not focussing on design quite yet, this will come along at a later stage.

The messaging system is working well, albeit in a slightly untidy way. I am aiming to get the project built using just HTML on the client side, so that when I build in JavaScript, there is always a fallback for less capable browsers (we all know that large institutions love Internet Explorer!)

I’m creating a command line tool, which would be accessed using SSH, which allows an admin to import the users (staff and students) into the system.

Finally, I’m trying to think of a half-decent name for the project. Later doesn’t really sum up what it does, nor does it sound very good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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