The Elevator Pitch

Using the app Elevatr, I have produced a brief elevator pitch to sum up the main ideas of the application. This will hopefully explain in a little more detail what I plan to build and some of the features which would be included within the product.

The Idea

A web application which sends messages round an institution, sending them to people who are interested and showing all messages in the app.

The Problem

People are receiving too many emails. These emails may or may not be relevant. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to adjust the number of messages we receive and also see those which weren’t directly sent to us?

The Solution

An application which stores all the messages being sent, displaying them to whoever may be interested and also sending them via email to people within the institution who could be interested. This will be done by providing a number of categories for messages to be sent through (eg. Announcements, Co-curricular Activities, Research) and a list of people to be included as recipients. If the recipients want to receive the message (if they are subscribed to a particular category) then the message will be emailed to them. The message will also then be saved within the system and, if made public, can be viewable by everybody within the institution through the web app.

Use Cases

  • Sending messages to large numbers of people who may be interested
  • Viewing all the messages within the institution to find something of interest
  • Communicating with members of a club or society

Product Features

  • Repository of messages
  • Analytics for messages being sent
  • Opt in/out of messages sent to you

One thought on “The Elevator Pitch

  1. dkernohan

    Great pitch – and what a fantastic idea to do this at the start of the project. You should share this idea on the mailing list.


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