Useful resources and support I have discovered

(I may have just lifted that post title straight from the guideline posts Jisc sent us…)

I tend to think that I am often sitting in my little bubble, developing this system isolated from the rest of the world. I have been developing web stuff for around 8 years, so am pretty familiar with the techy side of it all.

But there is plenty of support that I have received, in the form of University support from Neil Witt and his team. I know that if I have any issues with the project, I am more than welcome to pop in and ask them any questions. After being introduced to the whole team, they all seem very familiar with the way that Jisc projects work and the best ways of tackling problems.

I have also been sent some very useful project planning documents from Neil, which are based on Jisc’s project guidelines. These have really helped formulate my ideas and get them out of my head and onto paper.

Aside from this, I have been browsing around a few sites like UI Parade for some design inspiration (or procrastination) for when the time comes to design the product.

The Jisc mailing list has been very useful for hearing about some of the issues other people have been having with their projects, but also getting some tips from them about getting the project going. Because I couldn’t attend the event at the Google campus, it’s good to still have the contact with the other projects – and look forward to meeting them all in Greenwich at the end of the month!

2 thoughts on “Useful resources and support I have discovered

  1. dkernohan

    Really glad you are getting Neil’s input, he’s a lovely chap which a huge range of experience in development and project management. Ask him about “Pineapple” sometime!

    The project management resources he referred to can be seen at – we’ve not pushed this too hard as this approach may be a little over-the-top for smaller projects… some people are using stuff like Agile development methodology as it is a little more lightweight.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Greenwich!

    1. edmundgentle Post author

      Yeah, it’s great to have Neil on board with the project.

      I’m looking forward to the Greenwich event – it will be a great opportunity to network with the other project leaders in person!


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