Later is done! Next steps…

It’s safe for me to now say that the development of Later is now complete!┬áThere may be a few bugs, and it’s obviously still open to future development, but the first working version is done.


Later on a mobile device

Later on a mobile device

The screenshot above shows the homepage as it would appear to anyone using it. Because I used Bootstrap, it also works on a number of different screen sizes and can easily be styled using Bootstrap themes. This will make it super-easy for any organisation to easily customise it to suit their needs.

I have also written a “Getting Started” guide for any IT team to use to install Later within their organisation.

What’s next?

Going forward from here, I will begin user testing of Later. The PALS scheme at Plymouth University have agreed to pilot the product, which will get a number of students and staff using the software, equivalent to a small institution (approximately 2,000 people). This will be a great way to check for any potential issues with the tool and to get valuable user feedback on the effectiveness of the system.

I will also be practicing my product pitch in time for the event at Imperial College in November!

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