Thank You!

I thought I’d put together some thank you’s to everyone who has helped with the project. I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

Thank you to my parents for supporting me from the beginning – and thanks to my dad for pointing this opportunity out to me!

Thank you to Neil Witt and Plymouth University for supporting me, and helping with all the financial stuff!

Thank you to everyone who voted for me back in June!

Thank you to everyone who spread the message and encouraged others to vote for me: Mike Gentle (and his friend Alice), Jake Salisbury, Alistair Clarke, Will Howe, Jo Rowland, Harriet Elder, Michael Lewis, Debbie Finnegan, Victoria Allen, Chronis Kapalidis, Sam Smith, Duha Al Musaddar and Neil Witt again!

Thank you to David Kernohan and Jisc for providing this valuable opportunity for me to develop a product and meet fantastic people along the way – and providing the funding!

Thank you to the other projects I have been lucky enough to talk to. It has been a valuable opportunity for me to meet other like minded people and a kind support network. In particular, I’d like to thank the teams at Pitchpatch and Konnect.

Thank you to the experts who I met at the Jisc organised events. The useful feedback I was given by these people enabled me to shape the future of the project and helped me think about the long term, past the “Summer of Innovation”.

It’s been fantastic to get all of this support from everyone, and I am hugely grateful for it! It’s opened my eyes to the world of technology in HE and has been brilliant fun too.

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